ABSRJ 2024 Volume 15, Number 1

The influence of exceptional service and product quality on online purchase

Bambang Dwi Suseno
Universitas Bina Bangsa, Indonesia

Dedeh Rochmaedah 
Serang City Government’s Department of Industry and Trade, Indonesia

Solida Firjatullah
Center for Demographic, Employment and Regional Competitiveness Studies, Indonesia

Ahmad Munawir
Center for Demographic, Employment and Regional Competitiveness Studies, Indonesia

Irwan Idrus
Muhamadiyah University Pare-pare, Indonesia



This study aimed to assess the influence of service and product quality on customer attitudes and subsequent purchasing decisions. Additionally, individuals with no previous experience in online product purchases were targeted in the population of Serang City, Indonesia. A total of 225 participants were selected through a meticulous proportional random sampling method using the Hair formula. The gathered data was rigorously analyzed using SmartPLS 3.3.3 by adopting a comprehensive structural equation modelling (SEM) method. The five proposed hypotheses were substantiated by the collected data to report crucial insights. The results showed that superior service quality significantly impacted customer attitudes towards the respective company or the services rendered. Furthermore, a strong correlation was established between high product quality and positive attitudes. In the context of purchase decisions, commendable service quality increased the probability of a successful transaction. Moreover, customers perceived enhanced value when considering purchases, particularly with increased service quality. The substantial influence of positive attitudes was also reported towards company or product on actual purchasing decisions to show the role of sentiment in driving successful transactions.

Keywords: service quality; product quality; customer attitude; online purchasing decision

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