ABSRJ 2022 Volume 13, Number 1

Regional economic cooperation in the Western Balkans: promoter or inhibitor of EU integration of this region

Fadil Osmani
University “Kadri Zeka” Gjilan, Kosovo

Dukagjin Leka
University “Kadri Zeka” Gjilan, Kosovo

Gezim Jusufi
University “Kadri Zeka” Gjilan, Kosovo


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the impact of regional economic cooperation between Western Balkans countries in the process of their integration into the EU. Good cooperation is key to rapid integration into the EU. Through a review of the literature, the history of the region and various tabular statistics, this very important topic for the Western Balkans will be analyzed. Economic cooperation between these countries is the main element influencing rapid integration into the EU, but political obstacles continue to hamper regional economic cooperation. Analyzing this topic through theoretical evidence, it can be concluded that the EU should be more active in expanding regional economic cooperation between these countries by facilitating the elimination or broker peaceful negotiations. The EU has the authority to minimize all political disagreements with a view to expanding economic cooperation. Without resolving these longstanding issues and conflicts, this region will never integrate into the EU and experience economic development.

Keywords: economic cooperation; Western Balkan; EU, integration

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