ABSRJ 2021 Volume 12, Number 1

Entrepreneurial curiosity among generation Z: a multi-country empirical research

Mitja Jeraj
GEA College, Slovenia

Gokhan Aydin
University of East London, UK


This study focuses on entrepreneurial curiosity construct as a predecessor of entrepreneurial activity and ponders this construct among Generation Z in detail using a student sample (N=1068) from two distinct markets in Europe; Slovenia and Turkey. The study applies exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) to further develop and validate a multifactor entrepreneurial curiosity construct that elaborates entrepreneurial activity and curiosity. Two face to face survey studies using a questionnaire form developed using relevant measures were applied and a total of 1150 surveys were obtained. After screening for low quality and incomplete surveys, data from 1068 forms were analysed on SPSS and AMOS to carry out EFA and CFA respectively. The results indicate a four-factor structure that are named as Entrepreneurial Spirit and Leadership, Learning and Personal Development Orientation, Materialistic Orientation, and Technical Curiosity. Moreover, comparisons between Slovenian and Turkey sample indicate significant differences in the four sub-dimensions of entrepreneurial curiosity.

Keywords: entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial curiosity; Z generation; gen Z; comparative analysis

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