ABSRJ 2020 Volume 11, Number 2

Acceptability of NLP methods in business communication from the aspect of the employees

Ana Globočnik Žunac
University North, Croatia

Petra Ercegovac
University North, Croatia

Valerija Vidović
University North, Croatia


NLP (neurolinguistic programming) is a communication methodology used in a business environment with the goal to improve the potential of employees and is focused on achieving quality communication, removing barriers, building confidence and creating better interpersonal relationships. NLP was proven to be a method that facilitate communication in a business environment, in order to avoid conflicting stressful situations and achieve greater business results. The paper presents scientific study of 150 respondents – employees in the Republic of Croatia and their attitudes towards the acceptability of the methods of neurolinguistic programming in business. An online questionnaire was constructed for the purpose of the research. The research had the goal to find answers whether respondents in Croatia find NLP method acceptable for use in business environment and what rae the differences in their opinion according to their personality, familiarity with the NLP topic, level of education and depending on how long they have been employed. Employees show willingness to adopt new work techniques to improve their work efficiency. Even though the trend analysis of the results indicates there are some possible differences between the respondents based on stated factors, the research involved smaller and uneven group of respondents.

Keywords: NLP, communication tools, business communication, quality business communication system

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