ABSRJ 2020 Volume 11, Number 1

The importance of organizational culture for management of changes in a public enterprise

Mislav Ante Omazić
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Damir Mihanović
University North, Croatia

Adriana Sopta
INA, Croatia


This paper refers to recognition of the specific organizational structure in a public enterprise, where the existing organizational culture is compared with the ideal culture, i.e., the culture that should support the achievement of strategic goals. The differences between the existing and the ideal organizational culture and their correlation were verified. The results show a statistically significant difference between the existing and the ideal culture, i.e., they show that there are statistically significant deviations among them. Apart from the comparison of the overlapping and deviations between the existing and desired (ideal) culture, the basic values/motives were analyzed on a sample of respondents who determine and implement the strategy of the organization. In order to clarify the changes that should occur in order to bring the existing organizational culture closer to the ideal, the dominant values were checked. It is interesting to see that the existing values of strategic managers are somewhat in line with the cultural ideal that the organization desires,  but are not fully expressed in order that is expected to realize the desired changes in culture as well in strategic achievements.

Keywords: organizational culture; change management; organizational values, personal values

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