ABSRJ 2020 Volume 11, Number 1

Improving the efficiency of the Vietnam stock market


Pham T. Nghia
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Russia
Tan Trao University, Tuyen Quang, Vietnam

Tatiana K. Blokhina
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Russia


The article makes an assessment about the efficiency of Vietnamese stock market in the period 2015-2018. The analysis showed that the Vietnam’s stock market did not achieve the weak form of efficiency, indicating the low level of information transparency there. A main reason is that the enterprises had not performed their obligation of information disclosure properly and fully and the quality of published information is inaccurate. Therefore, the government should take appropriate measures to improve the efficiency of the stock market in future.

Keywords:Vietnamese stock market; market of weak form of efficiency; time chain of random walk

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