ABSRJ 2019 Volume 10, Number 1

Motivating experts to stay

Ivana Grabar
University North,Croatia

Ana Globočnik Žunac
University North,Croatia

Sanja Zlatić
University North,Croatia


Keeping an expert satisfied is becoming a primary managerial task since more and more people decide to become independent employees or freelancers. Therefore, the question arises: What are organizations ready to do in order to keep them? The purpose of this paper is to explore what employers are willing to do in order to keep an employee who has been working in a key position in the company and has decided to quit and start working as a freelancer. The aim is to investigate whether the company’s attitude depends on the size of the company, the area in which it operates, the county where its headquarters are, or their previous experience in hiring a freelancer. The research was conducted in Croatia in June 2018. The results show that employers are aware of the problem. They are to some extent ready to motivate experts with various motivation factors.

Keywords: HRM; managing experts; motivating experts; motivating talents

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