ABSRJ 2018 Volume 9, Number 2

Academic communication in business studies

Ana Globočnik Žunac
University North, Croatia


The paper starts with the assumption that academic communication is the basis for achieving a high level of expertise in the field of any activity, including in the field of business and management. Only highly qualified employees can contribute to the positive changes and sustainability of the organization. Expertise is achieved in the academic milieu before gaining practical experience. For academic achievement it is important to have knowledge, managing and understanding of academic communication. Paper sets the frameworks by determining what belongs to the field of academic communications that is far more than written and oral skills themselves. It includes academic behavior based on ethical norms, developing the ability of discursive analysis, evaluation, prioritization and developing a logical thinking based argumentation. The aforementioned contributes to the development of the image of an individual-expert, his persuasiveness and professional authority. The paper presents a case study of a process of introducing Academic Communication within Business and Management studies based on the results of a pilot study on knowledge of basic academic communication skills required for later acquisition of business and management expertise.

Keywords: academic communication; academic behavior; argumentation; business communication; managers’ functions; managers’ competencies

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