ABSRJ 2018 Volume 9, Number 2

The island of Pag and its culinary riches

Pave Ivić
University of Applied Sciences Baltazara Zaprešič, Croatia

Ivan Protega
University of Applied Sciences Baltazara Zaprešič, Croatia


Gastronomy is an important form of cultural distinctiveness of a country. In the age of selective forms of tourism, more attention is paid to emphasising a country’s indigenous gastronomic offer. The island of Pag is since long ago known as an island of sheep breeding. Due to its geographic location directly beneath the Velebit mountain, agroecological factors for pasture are quite unique. North wind from the Velebit mountain (“bura”) spreads sea salt all over pasturages, and as a result, both sheep milk and cheese from Pag have distinctive traits. The signs “Croatian Quality” and “Croatian” on these products from the island of Pag imply Croatian autochthonous tradition. Besides the well-known and renowned Pag cheese, gastronomic offer also includes lamb, cottage cheese and other produces, which makes this island an exceptional and rich gastro-destination. The purpose and result of this research on the island of Pag is to obtain the guidelines for development

Keywords: gastronomy; island of Pag; Croatia

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