ABSRJ 2018 Volume 9, Number 2

The impact of color on price perception

Ajda Fošner
GEA College, Slovenia

Jani Ivan Toroš
GEA College, Slovenia


Although the use of color in promotional advertisements is ubiquitous in the market, little is known about the impact of color on price perception. The aim of this paper is to present the results of a study made in Slovenia which assessed the impact of four colors on consumers’ perceptions (blue, red, green, and black). We collected data with specially designed questionnaire in October 2018. We used the choice based conjoint analysis to evaluate the influence of price color on consumers. We found out that prices written in blue have the highest preference. We also expected that red prices are more attractive. However, the results of our research showed the opposite. At the end, theoretical and practical implications are discussed.

Keywords: pricing; price perception; color

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