ABSRJ 2018 Volume 9, Number 1

Entrepreneurial intentions among students in Slovenia

Ajda Fošner
GEA College, Slovenia

Mitja Jeraj
GEA College, Slovenia

The aim of this paper is to study entrepreneurial intention among Slovenian students. In particular, we present some of the findings of The Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students’ Survey which was carried out in 2016 in Slovenia. Utilizing a sample of 1031 Slovenian students, we used structured questionnaire to investigate entrepreneurial spirit among graduate and postgraduate students in Slovenia. The results show that only 7,1% of Slovenian students intend to set up their own business immediately after the completion of studies. On the other hand, almost one third (33,2%) of respondents want to get self- employed in the period of five years.

Keywords: entrepreneurial spirit; students’ survey; Slovenia

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