ABSRJ 2016 Volume 7, Number 1

Organizational buying behavior in non-western contexts

Alexandre A. Bachkirov
Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman

This study developed a model to explain organizational buying behavior (OBB) in a non-Western context. The model is based on a partly re-conceptualized taxonomy of organizational actors involved in the process of organizational buying. An exploratory evaluation of the model was conducted in Oman, in the Arabian Gulf. The evaluators came from diverse industries and different organizational levels and functions. The role of evaluators involved one or more of the following: making decisions regarding organizational buying, advising on organizational buying, and being a direct user of a recent organizational purchase. The preliminary empirical findings generally support the model structure and the relationship between its elements. It is argued that collectivist and high power distance cultural value orientations shape a distinctive profile of OBB. The reported study is the first phase of a larger research project whose objective is the development and validation of an overarching cross-cultural model of OBB.

Keywords: organizational buying behavior; Arabian Gulf; power distance; collectivism

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