ABSRJ 2016 Volume 7, Number 1

Individualized versus Institutionalized Socialisation Tactics

Birgit Burböck
FH-JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Austria

Sandra Schnepf
FH-JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Austria

Stephan Pessl
FH-JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Austria

The demographic shifts, the increased workforce mobility, and the shortage of skilled workers have led to a new thinking within the human resource management. To address this issue, organizations adapt their methods towards a higher focus on their employees. The purpose of this paper is therefore the identification of organizational socialization tactics which are classified into the individualized socialization strategy and the institutionalized socialization strategy. The institutionalized socialization strategy causes better results in terms of newcomer adjustment than the individualized socialization strategy. The results of this paper support this argument line and revealed that students in the DACH region differ in their organizational socialization preferences. A well-structured organizational socialization process, which considers newcomers’ personality and demographic characteristics, can lead to a competitive advantage for organizations.

Keywords: organizational socialization; socialization tactics; institutionalized socialization; socialization preferences

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