ABSRJ 2016 Volume 7, Number 1

Analysis of disruptive sim technologies using business ecosystem concept

Thanh van Do
Telenor Research & Norwegian University of Science &Technology, Norway

Hanne Stine Hallingby
Telenor Research, Norway

Patrick Waldemar
Telenor Research, Norway

The SIM card has lately experienced a lot of technology changes in terms of processing, storage, interface, form factor, etc. Typically it is getting smaller, may even in the near future disappear totally and then be reborn as something else. Unfortunately, it is not trivial to determine which SIM innovations are sustaining or disruptive to mobile operators. This paper proposes a methodology based on the business ecosystem concept to analyze the SIM technology advances. The paper proposes a methodology using the business ecosystem concept for systematic identification and analysis of technology innovations. The determination of the sustaining or disruptive character of an innovation is based on a comparison and logical deduction of positive and negative impacts. The SIM technology innovations are identified and assessed thoroughly and both sustaining and disruptive innovations are determined. Last but not least recommendations to meet the identified disruptions are provided.

Keywords: disruption analysis; disruptive innovation; business ecosystem; SIM; identity management

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